„Marco Noury, a paragon of exquisite physical proportions with a movie-star-face, is twisting his honed, adonis-like body into jointwrenching positions! Breathtaking!“

– New York City News –


„Marco Noury displays handsomeness, masculinity, power and incredible physical control!“

– Broadwaystars –


„Marco Noury is captivating the audience! Perfect poetry of movement!”

– Berliner Zeitung –


„Marco Noury, a particularly winsome, muscular and sexy act!”

– Variety –


„With artists like Marco Noury audiences experience the great highlights that acrobatic art has to offer!“

– WAZ –


„A firework for all senses!“

– Frankfurter Rundschau –


„Marco Noury – Perfect body art!“

– Kölnische Rundschau –


„The audience holds their breath when internationally known aerialist Marco Noury whirls through the air!“

– Leipziger Rundschau –


Seemingly endless is the applause for Nourys spectacular performance!!“

– Mitteldeutsche Zeitung –


„The wiry Marco Noury works his way with a strap like just few others before!“

– Theatermania –