The Costumes

Marco Noury and the costumes – An unconditional tribute to showbiz glamor and aesthetics!
Opulent Costumes, each littered with thousands of original crystal stones from the legendary Swarovski company, have become the ultimate trademark of Marco Noury!

In 2009 Marco Noury ​​creates by chance the  well-known decadent look of “dressed nudity”, and definitely opens a new chapter in terms of “glory and glamor”, which to this day is certainly unprecedented and since then audience and press always fascinates again!

The costumes, all completely hand sewn by Marco Noury himself from the first to the last needlestich, are elaborately made in hundreds of hours of work. On average, approximately 7,500 Swarovski crystal stones per costume (every single one glued or sewn on individually by hand!) are processed on fabrics from Paris, Vienna and Berlin! A mammoth task in production, maintenance and costs!

In addition to the well-known costume versions in gold and skin colors, there is now a whole collection in almost all imaginable colours, and for every costume version of course also the color matching final costume plus shoes!

For the numerous finale- and paradecostumes Marco Noury has always been working together with many well-known costume designers of the showbiz industry, among them Hazy Hartlieb (costumes for the german comedy icon Hella von Sinnen), Carola Schochow (Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin), Krystin van They and Mona Farrag (Phantasialand Germany) just to name a few!

The Music

Not only visual, but also acoustically everything ​​is tailor-made for Marco Noury!

The collaboration with Mark Joggerst begins during an engagement in Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté in 2005, where Mark Joggerst was working for many years as a pianist and deputy orchestra director, and who is meanwhile regarded as one of the most successful German composers and arrangers. In 2007 Mark Joggerst composed the soundtrack for the act and Marco Noury ​​also acoustically finally got its unmistakable “own note”.

Mark Joggerst studied piano at the music conservatory in Cologne taught by Frank Wunsch und John Taylor , followed by a scholarship from the DAAD composition and arrangement at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, taught by John Bavicchi, Laszlo Gardony and Steve Hunt.
Since then, many concert tours have followed through Europe and the USA as well as numerous order compositions for TV, advertising, stage, orchestras, jazz ensembles as well as over 30 cinematic music, and numerous other productions, including “We Will Rock you”, “Saturday Night Fever” and many others!

Apart from his compositional activity, Joggerst also appears as an arranger for renowned artists from the jazz scene (including Jason Mraz, Arturo Sandoval, Jimmy Scott and Till Brönner to name just a few), and was honored with a „Golden Record“ (one of the most important European music awards) for his pop album „Lovers Forever“ by  Marshall & Alexander.

In 2009 Mark Joggerst received international attention for the extensive music and film production “Rising Above The Blues”, from which the song “Everytime We Say Goodbye” was awarded at the 11th Latin Grammy Awards!

Learn more about Mark Joggerst and have a look at:

The Technic

To make the “dream of flying” come true, in addition to some fantasy the right technic is always needed!

And in terms of technic, the material storage facility by Marco Noury ​​now offers almost everything to make this dream possible almost everytime and everywhere!

The possibilities of existing equipment can be used in any way, whether it is a height of 4 meters or a height of 20 meters, a small eventlocation or a variety stage, a big top in the circus or production in a stadium, from a simple hoist system to a chain hoist motor or electric winches with infinitely variable train speeds.

In addition to a lot of extras on material, 3 complete sets of various engines and accessories, each set clearly packaged in a separate flightcase, offer the best flexibility in terms of deployment and transport logistics.

In addition to the technical inventory (besides a selection of other equipment from the field of aerial acrobatics such as trapeze, aerial ring…) a whole armada of straps in all conceivable lengths has accumulated in the past years, all of which are handmade by professional saddlery companies.